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Audio Mastering - £150 per hour

Audio Restoration - £150 per hour

E-Mastering - £100 per track (under 5 minutes duration)

Reference CD - £30

Redbook Master (PMCD/DDP) - £50

CD Text - £30

Single Package - £300 (up to four tracks of 25 minutes total duration. Includes reference CD, mastered WAV files, and production master)

Album Package - £600 (Includes reference CD, mastered WAV files, and production master)

All prices inclusive of VAT at 20%

Sadie Mastering

"Mastering can be quite an expensive thing and they are just no-nonsense; they get on with it and they do what they say they are going to do. Dave is genuinely enthusiastic about the music, and he likes the noisier stuff we do."


Phil Ingles

Product Manager - Fierce Panda

"Hiltongrove Mastering has been with us since the start of our label and our first release. We are now on our 20th album and the technical quality and professionalism of their studio mastering has remained as high as ever.
Dave and his team are always flexible and accommodating with studio bookings and offer great advice when it's needed. They also perform their creative expertise with diligence and efficiency to very highest standards. I can not praise them enough.”
Mike Dixon
Label Manger - MLP - Major League Productions Ltd

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