Our mastering studio has been built from the ground up with audio fidelity in mind, and features world class monitoring and processing.


We are Hi-End mastering facility offering the best of both analogue and digital processing. Monitoring is provided by B&W 801 Nautilus monitors and a Crane Song Avocet monitor controller, in a room designed and built specifically from the ground up as a mastering studio.


Outboard is by Barry Porter, Prism Sound, Chiswick Reach, DAV Electronics and TC Electronic, all feeding a SADiE workstation.

Also available are Cedar outboard processors, Cedar ReTouch software and Izotope RX5, along with the full suite of Tokyo Dawn Labs plug-ins. We also offer digital audio watermarking.

The studio has been approved by Apple to provide hi-res audio files that meet its Mastered For iTunes specifications (MFiT). Once the mastering is complete, We can supply you with WAVs for digital distribution and streaming, DDP file-sets for physical replication, vinyl cutting masters, or what-ever physical parts you require.

We're happy to work with you remotely as well as offering attended sessions.

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Hiltongrove Mastering Ltd, Unit 2 Gallows Green Industrial Estate, Gallows Green, Dunmow, Essex, CM6 3QS

Tel: 020 8509 2244 / 01371 870850

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