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Mastering Studio

Our mastering studio has been built from the ground up with audio fidelity in mind, and features world class monitoring and processing.


We are Hi-End mastering facility offering the best of both analogue and digital processing. Monitoring is provided by B&W 801 Nautilus monitors and a Crane Song Avocet monitor controller, in a room designed and built specifically from the ground up as a mastering studio.


Outboard is by Barry Porter, Prism Sound, Chiswick Reach, DAV Electronics and TC Electronic, all feeding a SADiE workstation.

Also available are Cedar outboard processors, Cedar ReTouch software and Izotope RX5, along with the full suite of Tokyo Dawn Labs plug-ins. We also offer digital audio watermarking.

The studio has been approved by Apple to provide hi-res audio files that meet its Mastered For iTunes specifications (MFiT). Once the mastering is complete, We can supply you with WAVs for digital distribution and streaming, DDP file-sets for physical replication, vinyl cutting masters, or what-ever physical parts you require.

We're happy to work with you remotely as well as offering attended sessions.

"Dave Blackman has mastered several of my dub albums, he's my absolute favorite! This man understands the bass frequencies, this man understand the high frequencies too, he understands what "mastering" means!" 

GAUDI (music producer / solo artist)

Mastering Studio
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