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As well as world class audio mastering, we also offer e-mastering, audio restoration, and CD & DVD duplication and replication.
Audio Mastering


Mastering is the process of taking your recorded and mixed tracks, and preparing them for presentation to your audience. It’s the final step in the recording process and is the last chance to make any changes to the audio. At all times during the mastering process, we’re thinking “is this absolutely the best this record can sound?” – if not, we keep going until it is. It is also at this stage that edits are made, gaps are placed between tracks, and any fades are tightened up.


In order to achieve this we our spacious, acoustically treated mastering room with its large, full range B&W monitoring system. Added to this are some of the finest digital and analogue processors available. But most importantly, in David Blackman we have an engineer who has years of experience mastering every kind of musical genre imaginable.

For prices, please take a look at the Rates page.

“Dave and his team at Hiltongrove Mastering are a delight to work with. I have worked on many projects with the guys across a range of their services. Dave has a "can do" attitude that is highly appreciated and valued and is a vital part of the support network that any artist and management team need in today's music industry.“


Danny Sperling

Key Production, Reader's Wives and Mono Stereo

"Dave managed to clean up the mud / open the top-end of my (admittedly dense) mix while retaining the vibey spirit. Exactly what I had requested and was very accommodating in making a quick revision. Would happily recommend and use again for more projects."

Cazz B



If you don’t wish to attend the session, and have a little flexibility in your project’s timescale, then you can take advantage of our internet mastering service. The work is undertaken during studio down-time, and is billed on a per track basis - details of pricing can be found on the Rates page. All mastering is still performed in our world class studios with the same attention to details – the only difference is that you won’t be there and we can’t give a definitive turnaround time, although all work is normally completed within three working days.

Drop us a line for more details.

Audio Restoration


We are able to bring your old recordings back to life, be they battered cassettes, vinyl acetates, or 1/4" & 1/2" tape, using the specialist tools we have available here. Audio is captured though our hi-end convertors, and once digitised we have Cedar de-clickers and de-cracklers, the TC Electronic Back-Drop noise abatement algorithm, and the Izotope RX restoration suite of plug-ins to breath new life into the audio.

If you wish we can then go further and re-master the audio for a new release.

Pricing is dependent on format, how much work is involved, and how clean the final version is required to be. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

"Some of the things Dave Blackman has returned to us over the years have been nothing short of a miracle"


Pete Holdsworth

Founder & Director - Pressure Sounds

"We've been working with these guys for over ten years and they always deliver exceptional work from album mastering to CDr duplication"


Rob Collins
Director - Cooking Vinyl 

CD Duplication & Replication


Duplicated discs are burned onto blanks, much as you would burn a disc on a computer but on a much larger scale. We can print simple black text onbodies through to full colour designs, along with a wide range of packaging options from simple card wallets to digi-packs. The minimum run on duplicated discs is 50 units - perfect for promos - and the turnaround is normally 3-4 working days.

Replicated discs are pressed from a stamper. The set-up costs mean that runs start at 500 units, although the cost per unit is much cheaper. Again, we can print pretty much whatever you require, along with providing the appropriate templates for setting up your artwork. Turnaround time for replication is normally 12 working days.

Please let us know your requirements and we can provide you with a bespoke quote.

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